Commandant's Welcome Address

            Thank you for visiting our web page.


         The Hellenic National Defence College (HNDC) was established in 1950 and since then remains the highest-ranked academic institution of the Hellenic Armed Forces. According to its mission, the HNDC is an institution that provides at the final stage of their professional career, academic learning for high-ranking officers from the three Branches of the Armed Forces, in a cognitive environment, where they study a wide range of national and international issues together with officers from the Security Forces –Police and the Coast Guard-, and senior civil servants.


           The role of the HNDC is getting more and more important due to the fact that Greece is an anchor of stability in the middle of a very unstable region which is in a state of a geopolitical fluidity. The plethora and severity of the challenges that Greece faces, make more demanding the role of those in charge with issues of national security.


         To address these challenges, the Armed Forces and the civil Public Administration, are required to have educated executives with an interdisciplinary mindset capable of critical thinking and a clear perception of a wide range of issues, with a strategic overview, with in-depth knowledge of national issues, as well as a deep insight into contemporary international developments. After all, the HNDC students of today will be the leaders of tomorrow who will fill the higher echelon of the Armed Forces and the higher positions of the civil Administration.


            The HNDC is a provider of contemporary knowledge and policy focused skills to its students, drawing upon the expertise of university professors and guest speakers from the political, diplomatic, military, social and scientific fields from Greece and abroad who deliver lectures and seminars, mainly, on national strategy, international security and international affairs.


         To meet the high demanding requirements, the College offers post-graduate courses to the willing students in cooperation with the Panteion University in “Strategic Defence Studies”, as well as with the British University of Plymouth in “Applied Strategy and International Security”. At the same time, the HNDC expands its field of cooperation to additional national and international academic institutions by organizing seminars, workshops, and symposia on issues of national as well as international concern.


        The goal of the HNDC is to function as a modernization lever and a strategic think tank, so it can continue to perform its mission successfully. Our daily inspiration is Aristotle’s dictum: «We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit». Therefore, excellence, for us, is not an objective, but a way of life.