Address of the Commander of the National Defense College

The National Defense College is the highest military academic institution with long lasting history and tradition, from 1950 until today. It constitutes the final and highest level of training for Armed Forces’ officers, Security Forces’ members and officials of the wider Public Administration, on issues related to defense policy and National Strategy while simultaneously functioning as scientific pillar of the Armed Forces on defense policy and National Strategy issues.

The College, permanently adaptable to current national goals and international developments in a difficult period of geopolitical rearrangements, potential opportunities and risks, provides high level of academic training while its personnel consists of Universities’ professors, high level partners and distinguished guest speakers. The College’s syllabus is complemented by lectures and presentations given by prominent members of political, military, academic and social community, both foreign and domestic in order to attribute graduates with global knowledge, strategic thinking and understanding of the international system and geostrategic/geo-economic situation.

Additionally, the College cooperates with high academic institutions both internal and external, as well as with its respective schools abroad, providing its students with opportunity to study widely strategic security issues, geopolitical analysis and defense studies, etc. The College alongside, aims at establishing further co-operations, both at Greece and abroad.

Through the course of its 70 years of the history, the College has operated and evolved throughout its range of functions, preserving  unchanged the features that make it unique and exceptional, in order to continue to accomplish its mission successfully and become a level of modernization and production tank of strategic thinking.

The National Defense College, with faith, devotion and dedication to institutions, honor, duty and respect of personality, will perpetually continue to constitute a strategic think tank for the support of national interests and the well-being of our country.