Graduation Ceremony of the 73rd Training Course

2021, Ιούνιος 18 - 1:53μμ

On  the 23rd April 2021 was held,  with the presence of  Chief Of The Hellenic National General Staff, General Konstantinos Floros, in the premises of HNDC, the graduation ceremony of the  the students of the 73rd regular attendance training class.

According to standing Covid-19 protocols , the ceremony was held with the presence of delegation of students, abiding by the prescribed measures against the spread of the pandemic.

During the ceremony , the Chief Of  Defence conferred the certificates to the delegation of the new General Staff Officers.

Preceded the decoration with the HNDC insignia to the students by the Commandant Of The Hellenic Defense College .

In total, 64 Armed Forces officers of the Army Forces (40 from the Army, 7 from the Navy,9 from the Air Force), 2 Officers from the Security Corps( 1 from the Hellenic Police, 1 from the Fire Brigade), 3 Officers from the Cypriot Republic, 1 from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and 2 Civil Servants.